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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
113-114.pdf.jpg2019Tale and reality in P. Travers’ books about Mary PoppinsHallyyeva, G.
194-196.pdf.jpg2019Teaching discussion skills in foreign language classesAzarchenko, G.
233-234.pdf.jpg2019Teaching foreign language grammar on the basis of the communicative approachSokol, K.
79-81.pdf.jpg2018Teaching read at secondary schoolChernyak, K. S.
118-120.pdf.jpg2017Teaching the culture of humanistic relationships to the youth on the basis of toleranceStoliarenko, H. V.; Stoliarenko, O. V.
97-100.pdf.jpg2019Tendencies of internet-poetry in the works of Gary TurkBorbachenko, D.
16-18.pdf.jpg2017Text cohesion and coherenceБочкова, Г. Ш.
44-46.pdf.jpg2017The activity of catalase in hepatopancreas Planorbarius corneusPolozova, N.; Klepitskaya, J.
62-64.pdf.jpg2019The after-effects of the destructive human activities on the Amazon rainforest exampleYartseva, E.
116-119.pdf.jpg2017The analysis of experience on formation of the healthy lifestyle of pupils of schools of the Vitebsk regionDudareva, E.; Dudarev, A.
106-108.pdf.jpg2017The artistic detail of food in Nikolai Gogol's "The Night before Christmas" and Charles's Dickens's "A Christmas Carol"Belskaya, O.
27-28.pdf.jpg2017The Aukasa protected area is not spot of biodiversity in GhanaAvouni, D.
119-121.pdf.jpg2019The components analysis of the of independent work as a condition of successful teaching a foreign languageKazunko, M.
211-212.pdf.jpg2019The components analysis of the of independent work as a condition of successful teaching a foreign languageKazunko, M.
248-249.pdf.jpg2019The concept of rationalism in architecture on the example of communal houses in VitebskFiodorova, A.
213-214.pdf.jpg2019The connection between eating behaviour and the hardiness and anxiety levelsKlimkovich, M.
45-47.pdf.jpg2019The content of the anthracene compounds in the leaves of the dandelion, collected on the territory of Vitebsk regionFomicheva, N.; Chernyavskaya, K.
51-54.pdf.jpg2017The content of the total protein in the hemolife of pulmonary mollyuscs welling in the natural waterVolodko, A.; Zaitseva, A.
241-242.pdf.jpg2018The current state of scientific thought and achievements of 3D printing technology in designAlnikov, Y. M.
159-161.pdf.jpg2017The development of lifelong learning in german-speaking coutries: innovative approachesMatiiuk, D. V.
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