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140-142.pdf.jpg2017Civitas dei sive civitas diaboli: религиозные аспекты вопроса о ливонской дани (первая четверть XIII века)Подберёзкин, Ф. Д.
220-222.pdf.jpg2018Cloud-based technologies as a resource of professional competences improvementVorobjova, A.
105-107.pdf.jpg2019Code switching in corporate media textsChoumanskaya, O.
152-153.pdf.jpg2017Color correction: white balance and exposureSavlevich, D.
186-188.pdf.jpg2019Communicative and pragmatic specificity of english-language radio discussionYuchkovich, L.
101-103.pdf.jpg2018Comparative analysis of English evaluation predicates and their correspondencies in translated editions of novels “Invisible monsters” and “Survivor” by Chuck PalahniukFilipovich, K.
87-89.pdf.jpg2019Comparative analysis of grammatical categories of the english and russian verbAkyyeva, B.
40-42.pdf.jpg2019Comparative characteristics of ubiquitin protein in humans and pulmonary freshwater mollusksDolmatova, V.; Vishnevskaya, M.
Kreile S.,Krumina A.A..pdf.jpg2013Comprehension of secondary school students about the concept "Air Pollution"Kreile, S.; Krumina, À. À.
23-24.pdf.jpg2018Computer algebra system gap in the theory of Schunck classesStaselka, I.
339-342.pdf.jpg2019Concept and features of subject of lawToguleva, A.
233-235.pdf.jpg2018Constitutional and legal regulation of status of churches and religious organizations in the Pepublic of Belarus and foreign countriesDegtereva, V.
55-57.pdf.jpg2017Contemporary English languageAhmad, E.
159-164.pdf.jpg2020Contemporary trends in the Cis States' military cooperationShalenna, N.; Hohosha, О.
36-37.pdf.jpg2017Content of ascorbic acid in alcohol extracts of early-flowering plantsLeonovich, E.; Avlasevich, O.
54-56.pdf.jpg2018Contents of lipid exchange indicators in pulmonary molusks dwelling in the natural reservoirs of the Vitebsk and Gomel regionsSidorova, L.; Galenova, V.
51-53.pdf.jpg2019Contents of malon dialdehyde in wheat and cucumber springs at alloelopathic interaction with oil redishOrlova, N.
162-164.pdf.jpg2018Coping strategies of adolescent children who are in different the conditions of harmonious lifeSankovskaya, A. S.
199-201.pdf.jpg2018Cultural and spiritual heritage of the Polesie region of Belarus and Ukraine in the historiographyKlyapovskaya, A.
170-171.pdf.jpg2017Culturological approach in the aspect of a teacher's personality formationViznyuk, І.
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