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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
267-268.pdf.jpg2019Participation of the Republic of Belarus in international customs cooperationОмельянович, А. А.
203-204.pdf.jpg2018Peculiarities of implementation of missile on impurity, sample and speech instructions study of second section of the subsidiary schoolKukharenko, T. S.
159-161.pdf.jpg2017Peculiarities of manifestations of anxiety and fear in autismBelyakova, A.
97-99.pdf.jpg2017Peculiarities of the English pressTarasevich, M.
74-75.pdf.jpg2017Peculiarities of the northern dialect of the French language on the material of the film «Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis»Kamenetskaya, V.
98-100.pdf.jpg2017Pedagogical technologies of teachers' training at colleges of podillya region in the 20-s years of the XX century(on the example of proskurivsk training school)Marchenko, А.
Skrypchenko I.T. , Scherbina A.D..pdf.jpg2015Performances of Ukrainian sportsmen on the world military sailing championshipSkrypchenko, I. T.; Scherbina, A. D.
Benölken R..pdf.jpg2014Perspektiven der mathematikdidaktischen Begabungsforschung in DeutschlandBenolken R.
226-228.pdf.jpg2019Phenomenology as a methodology for knowing in education and professional practiceMorozhanova, M.
180-183.pdf.jpg2019Phraseological units with onomastic component in EnglishUstina, E.
200-203.pdf.jpg2017Physical development and functional condition of students with intellectual disabilitiesValevich, A.
401-402.pdf.jpg2019Physical development of adolescents - a criterion of health of the growing organismAkutenok, E.
407-408.pdf.jpg2019Physical development of studentsBolobosov, S.
388-390.pdf.jpg2019Polisemia problem in the speech of younger schoolchildren with general speech underformationShamayeva, Y.
342-344.pdf.jpg2019Prevention of crime in youth environmentYanch, S.
369-371.pdf.jpg2019Problem of development of communicative skills of students with moderate intellectual insufficiencyLuchits, E.
73-75.pdf.jpg2019Problem of preserving the modern climate of the EarthZalipaeva, K.
3-4.pdf.jpg2017Program of flow diagram for boiler installationBegunkov, A.; Umetski, D.
104-106.pdf.jpg2017Project method as a means of social competence of studentsMoskovchuk, O. S.
127-128.pdf.jpg2017Propaedeutical practice of future teachers: innovative approachKhams'ka, N.
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