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dc.contributor.authorHul'ova, Z.-
dc.contributor.authorValihorova, M.-
dc.contributor.authorHomol'ova, T.-
dc.contributor.authorSunik, A.-
dc.descriptionПсихологический Vademecum: Психологические предикторы индивидуального развития личности в условиях образовательной среды : сборник научных статей. - Витебск : ВГУ имени П. М. Машерова, 2017. - С. 164-177. - Библиогр.: с. 175-177 (34 назв.).-ru_RU
dc.description.abstractРассмотрены социальные аспекты агрессии учащихся в процессе адаптации=Process of adaptation we can consider as one of the most important phases in socialization of each individual. It may take place at various phasesthroughout one's whole life. Within this process one is constantly adopting new social role and is always forced within changes to adapt to new social environment. For most of the children the start of the schoolattendance is the first time they enter into social group other than their family. If child has not attendedkindergarten then one has to cope with separation from the main relational person, who the most often is a mother or father. This first step is the hardest step. Therefore it is very important that the children entering school are not only ready, but most importantly mentally mature in order to avoid any potential problems. Mentally immature children are very often crying, they are nervous and reluctant and these acts can considering children's variousmental maturity and readiness grow into inappropriate or aggressive behaviorru_RU
dc.publisherВитебск : ВГУ имени П.М. Машероваru_RU
dc.subjectadaptation processru_RU
dc.subjectfirst year of elementary schoolru_RU
dc.titleSocial aspects of aggression of pupils in the adaptation procesru_RU
Appears in Collections:1. Психологический Vademecum: Психологические предикторы индивидуального развития личности в условиях образовательной среды : сборник научных статей - Витебск : ВГУ имени П. М. Машерова, 2017. - 226, [1] с.

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