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Title: Preventivne programy ako moznost riadenia discipliny v primarnej skole
Authors: Douskova, A.
Kovakova, Z.
Ivanova, I.
Keywords: Словения
образовательные процессы
частные школы
социальный статус
classroom discipline
preventive programs
primary school
classroom management
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Витебск : ВГУ имени П.М. Машерова
Abstract: Рассмотрены образовательные процессы в словенской школе=The school of today puts a great emphasis on the quality of education that should be carried out in a favourable climate. In this context, the question of discipline in the classroom and classroom management have become extremely topical. The question of discipline/indiscipline and mainly the negative behaviour of pupils in the classroom have become, besides other issues like the teachers' social status or financial rewards for their work, one of the severe issues which teachers have to deal with in many countries. The second part of our research project VEGA No. 1/0223/16 was focused on implementing the programme selection process for managing classroom discipline suitable for our country. This article deals about preventive programs as a way to optimise classroom discipline.
Description: Психологический Vademecum: Психологические предикторы индивидуального развития личности в условиях образовательной среды : сборник научных статей. - Витебск : ВГУ имени П. М. Машерова, 2017. - С. 148-153. - Библиогр.: с. 153 (8 назв.).-
ISBN: 978-985-517-641-2
Appears in Collections:1. Психологический Vademecum: Психологические предикторы индивидуального развития личности в условиях образовательной среды : сборник научных статей - Витебск : ВГУ имени П. М. Машерова, 2017. - 226, [1] с.

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