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Feng Yujun.pdf.jpg2015Ukraine conflict: geopolitical value and the ways of its regulationFeng, Yujun
319-321.pdf.jpg2019UN legal sources in the field of regulation of online space at the present stageMazurtsova, D.
19-22.pdf.jpg2019Uniform global attainability of a linear controlled discrete-time periodic systemKalita, K.; Kozlov, A.
КотовичБогНеСкинут.pdf.jpg2020#UNOVIS100: Бог не скинутКотович, Т. В.
КотовичУновис.pdf.jpg2020#UNOVIS100: направление движенияКотович, Т. В.; Зименко, А. А.
пангеометрия.pdf.jpg2020#UNOVIS100: пангеометрия городаКотович, Т. В.; Духовников, А. Э.
182-187.pdf.jpg2018Us security stragy in the XXI centuryPiskorska, G.A.; Yakovenko, N. L.
113-115.pdf.jpg2017Usage of authentic materials at the english lessons as means of formation culturological foreign language competenceChernyak, K. S.
293-294.pdf.jpg2019Use of art embroidery at extra classic activitiesSadovnikova, M.
203-205.pdf.jpg2019Use of group forms of work under the training of future professionals to implement inclusive educationGamzyuk, J.; Yaskina, A.
68-70.pdf.jpg2018Use of indicators of nitrogen exchange of pulmonary moluskes for monitoring the condition of natural waterwaysTsapko, G.; Bartkevich, M.
186-187.pdf.jpg2018Use of LEDs. Filter-jug ”Drop” for waterPushkel, A.
107-109.pdf.jpg2017USE of services Web 2.0 in teaching EnglishChernyak, K. S.
113-116.pdf.jpg2017Use of the authentic texts in the teaching English at schoolChernyak, K.
111-113.pdf.jpg2017Using color-word association technique in the career planning of young peopleBysenkova, M.; Simonek, G.; Glazunov, V.
15-18.pdf.jpg2017Using of least square method in forecastingShvec, Y.
35-37.pdf.jpg2019Using pulmonary freshwater mollusks in scientific research work of schoolchildrenBartkevich, M.; Dashkevich, K.
66-68.pdf.jpg2019Using pulmonary freshwater mollusks in scientific research work of schoolchildrenVishnevskaya, M.; Tsapko, G.
6-8.pdf.jpg2018Using the mobile application «Plickers» to test the knowledge of studentsBondarenko, N.
41-44.pdf.jpg2019Utilisation du passe simple a l'oralYakovleva-Yurchak E. N.
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