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565-567.pdf.jpg2021QR-коды как средство формирования картографической компетенции учащихся на уроках географииЛысёнок, Е. Н.; Чубаро, С. В.
33-35.pdf.jpg2018Quantitative assessment of proteolytic enzyme homology Homo sapiens and Biomphalaria glabrata using a resource blastDolmatova, V.; Semenov, I.
46-49.pdf.jpg2017Quantitative determination of the flavonoid amount in leaves of Taraxacum officinale depending on conditions of diseaseShenderova, K.
68-70.pdf.jpg2017Racialised urbanity in american literatureErshova, E.
135-138.pdf.jpg2019Reading as an indicator of the English national characterLazakovich, E.
189-190.pdf.jpg2021Reduplication as effective method of word formation in modern EnglishKovalenko, A. V.; Trofimova, Y. E.
121-123.pdf.jpg2019Reflection of naturalism in G. Hauptmann’s worksKoltsova, K.
100-102.pdf.jpg2019Reflection of the problems of parental abusive in modern literatureBulash, N.
Diel I..pdf.jpg2014Reframing als Methode in der psychologisch-padagogischen Forderung zur Unterstutzung von Begabungtn und KreativitatDiel, I.
293-295.pdf.jpg2020Regional aspect of the destination of tourist interestYankevich, E. M.
84-86.pdf.jpg2019Regional methodical center of folk art as a social and cultural partner in the formation of value attitude to the familySiomkina, I.
276-278.pdf.jpg2018Relation of sustainable and labile indicators of body composition sportsmen high qualifications cyclic species sportAltani, M.
334-336.pdf.jpg2019Relevant problems of implementing information rights on the InternetSkomoroshchenko, A.
172-174.pdf.jpg2017Research of the child parental relations in the families raising children with features of psychophysical developmenKornilova, O.
242-252.pdf.jpg2018Research on children qualitative way to recognise children's pre-concepts of social worldKasacova, Bronislava; Krnacova, Ingrida
24-26.pdf.jpg2019Research project "Ukrainian famine of 1932-33 : historiography, historical memory and historical policy in central and Eastern Europe"Menkouski, V.; Smigel, M.
344-347.pdf.jpg2020Reservation of national identity by means of dance artRakovsky, S.
25-27.pdf.jpg2017Results of introduction of some plants of seem. Peters in the Botanical Garden of Vitebsk State University MasherovaAvliakuliev, F.
5-7.pdf.jpg2019Results of simulation modeling and recommendations for improving the organization of combat work in automated control systems of tactical management linkBekish, A.; Khvisevich, A.
218-219.pdf.jpg2020Rethinking the oldSaldatsenka, K.
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