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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
62-64.pdf.jpg2020Factors of the development of the foreign policy of the Republic of Belarus in the Euro-Atlantic direction (1991 – early 2000s)Matsulevich, E.
231-232.pdf.jpg2017False interpreter’s friendsShutaya, V. N.
183-186.pdf.jpg2019Father and sons’ problem in the novel "Last orders" by Graham SwiftVolkova, K.
376-379.pdf.jpg2019Features of aggression and self-regulation of students with intellectual insufficiencyMuravitskaya, D.
186-188.pdf.jpg2020Features of developing communicative skills in children with intellectual disabilitiesZhuravkina, Y.
366-369.pdf.jpg2019Features of development of the lexic structure in younger schoolchildren with intellectual insufficiencyLabovka, A.
363-366.pdf.jpg2019Features of diagnostic of communication skills and social interaction of children of preschool age with autism spectrum disordersKuksyonok, V.
227-229.pdf.jpg2020Features of enshrining the list of grounds for deprivation of parental rights in the Republic of Belarus and neighboring countriesAntonova, V.
358-360.pdf.jpg2019Features of formation of bases of legal culture at high school students with intellectual insufficiencyIvanova, V.
200-203.pdf.jpg2019Features of formation of knowledge about fire safety at pupils with intellectual insufficiencyDylebova, C.
237-239.pdf.jpg2019Features of formation of skills and abilities of introductory reading in a foreign languageVasilyeva, K.
272-275.pdf.jpg2018Features of forming environmental knowledge in younger schoolboys of auxiliary schoolsTimofeenko, A.
316-319.pdf.jpg2020Features of legal literacy in high school students with intellectual disabilitiesIvanova, V.
385-387.pdf.jpg2019Features of manifestation of fears and anxiety in children with early childhood autismPolyakova, M.
338-339.pdf.jpg2018Features of pedagogical maintenance of the families raising children with intellectual insufficiencyMikhaylyuk, D. R.
53-54.pdf.jpg2017Features of preparation artistic and creative activitiesby pedagogical college studentsGavrilyuk, O. A.
390-392.pdf.jpg2019Features of professional self-determination of senior pupils in the process of vocal and choral activitiesSimakova, A.
128-130.pdf.jpg2020Features of the doll nomination: motivational aspectShutovich, K.
251-254.pdf.jpg2018Features of the formation of components of inclusive competence of students of pedagogical specialtiesGulyaeva, A.
238-240.pdf.jpg2021Features of the forming of the understanding of musical genres for elementary school pupilsAnanchenko, G. V.; Orup, T. V.; Yu Yang
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