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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
78-80.pdf.jpg2017Darknet - одна из сторон интернетаСетько, А. А.; Швец, Ю. Н.
39-40.pdf.jpg2020Deep learning for chess aiFedorenko, A.S.
372-374.pdf.jpg2019Definition of criteria for selection of music and song repertoir for music lessonsMarkova, A.
192-195.pdf.jpg2018Design concept of living ecosystemZenkova, K.
174-175.pdf.jpg2018Design concept of the art object in the UNOVIS style "Upward movement"Chesak, A.
191-192.pdf.jpg2018Design conception of office furniture for “Green bank” network of banksVronskaya, A.
262-265.pdf.jpg2019Design features of cultural creative environmentMartynova, M.
189-191.pdf.jpg2018Design project modular partition from corrugated cardboardStarzhinskaya, N.
38-40.pdf.jpg2017Designing writing tasksКажекина, Л. В.; Балло, Ю. А.
37-39.pdf.jpg2019Determination of the content and stability of phenolic acids in the extracts from the leaves of horseradishChernyavskaya, K.; Proshko, J.
52-54.pdf.jpg2018Determination of the content and stability of phenolic compounds in the extracts from the leaves of dandelium officinalProshko, J.; Shenderova, K.
181-182.pdf.jpg2018Development and creation of furniture from corrugated cardboard. Table "Pineapple" and chair "Geometry"Galynya, A.; Pushkel, A.
8-10.pdf.jpg2019Development of an affordable robotic armBiryukova, D.; Shidlowsky, A.
284-286.pdf.jpg2018Development of balance in young people with intellectual disabilityKazlou, A.
345-346.pdf.jpg2018Development of communicative abilities at children of preschool age with the general underdevelopment of the speechShchuka, A. I.
395-398.pdf.jpg2019Development of communicative function of speech in children with peculiarities of psychophysical developmentVlasova, I.
361-363.pdf.jpg2019Development of the emotional sphere of students of the second division of the subsidiary schoolKachanova, A.
269-271.pdf.jpg2018Development of visible forms of thinking pupils with intellectual insufficiency in playing activitiesSorokina, A.
Cabanova, Kazakova.pdf.jpg2015Diagnostikovanie grafomotorickych sposobilosti dietata a diagnosticke kompetencie ucitel'aCabanova, M.; Kasacova, B.
141-143.pdf.jpg2018Dialogical speech training on the basis of communicative sketchesAleshchenko, A.
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