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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-17.pdf.jpg2018On properties of quasinormal Fitting classesMarcinkevich, A.
7-8.pdf.jpg2020On property of generated σ-local formationsStepanov, V.
25-27.pdf.jpg2018On solvability of some classes of algebraic equations in radicalsZhgirov, V.
10-12.pdf.jpg2019On the application of the Tchirnhaus transformations for an algebraic equation of the third degreeChernyavsky, M.
18-19.pdf.jpg2017On the cover-avoid property of injectors of finite groupVasilevich, T.
On the function_01.pdf.jpg2007On the function of elective courses in chemistry in the sistem of profile traningArshansky, Y.
97-99.pdf.jpg2020On the origin of some animal-related idioms in the French languageKrasovskaya, Y.
19-22.pdf.jpg2017On the positive integer solution of nonlinear equations x2+ax=b and x3+ax2+bx=c for the second order matricesYakuto, K.
13-15.pdf.jpg2017On the properties of fitting classes, generated π-coradicalsLantsetova, K.
62-65.pdf.jpg2017Online translators as an effective means of working with english textsBorodinchik, V.
78-80.pdf.jpg2017Onomatopoeic verbs of speech activity in the Belarusian language: classifying and structural peculiaritiesKhodosok-Ulitskaya, M.
Opportunities and prospects for the use of alternative_2019.pdf.jpg2019Opportunities and prospects for the use of alternative energy sources in terms of Vitebsk regionАl Hassan, A. R.; Kizina, O.; Antonovich, D. A.
402-405.pdf.jpg2019Optimization of development of the general and special endurance at skiers-racers at a stage of sports perfectionAleksandrovich, I.
198-200.pdf.jpg2017Organization of educational process using information and communication technologiesShahina, I. Y.
217-219.pdf.jpg2016Organization of knowledge control on the subject "general and inorganic chemistry" in students study in englishGusakova, E. A.
143-145.pdf.jpg2019Organization of political polycode texts as a means of communication with the audienceNaidenok, M.
131-134.pdf.jpg2017Organization of the training process for masters in English language on the Department of Ecology and Nature protectionLitsvenkova, I.; Shamatulskaya, A.; Lippo, N.
405-406.pdf.jpg2019Outdoor games as a means of training the communicative competence of studentsBereson, I.
201-202.pdf.jpg2020Papercraft – masterpieces from paperBudzik, N.
267-268.pdf.jpg2019Participation of the Republic of Belarus in international customs cooperationОмельянович, А. А.
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