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Art12n1p22.pdf.jpg2012III Международный фестиваль камерных театров и спектаклей малых форм "МолдФэст.рампа.ру": от массовой культуры до рецептуализмаКотович, Т. В.
90-93.pdf.jpg2020Image linguistique du monde et interaction des culturesLakrisenko, V. V.
89-91.pdf.jpg2019Images painters and artists in the collection “Shipshina for pani” Loudly RubleskiAndritso, D.
139-149.pdf.jpg2018Imie jan // iwan w antroponimii podlasia w XVI-XVII w.Abramowicz, Z.
298-301.pdf.jpg2018Imiona antycznych bogin w nazewnictwie zegarkowBolesta-Wrona, B.
7-15.pdf.jpg2018Imiona Ewangelistów w antroponimii Podlasia w XVI–XVII w.Abramowicz, Z.
269-271.pdf.jpg2019Immersive 3D visualization in real timeSergeev, A.
246-248.pdf.jpg2018Implementation of ocal history approach in the formation of historical knowledge and representations in high school students with intelligent insufficiencyBuichenok, E.
65-67.pdf.jpg2017Implementation of educational innovation in training of specialists of life safety in universitiesDidukh, L. I.
84-86.pdf.jpg2017Importance of future teachers' information competence formation in the process of professional educationKynal, А.
329-331.pdf.jpg2019Indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the system of region human potential formationSalakhova, Y.
282-284.pdf.jpg2018Influence of fitness jumping on the functional condition of the organism of middle aged womenKanyhina, A.
275-276.pdf.jpg2019Influence of social networking on people’s behaviourKutkovich, A. D.
129-131.pdf.jpg2018Influence of translator’s personality on the cnoice of translation strategy and transformations (based on «The World According to Clarkson» by Jeremy Clarkson)Skokov, I.
145-147.pdf.jpg2018Influense of mathematical competitions on the learning process of students of the specialty «Transport logistics»Bolbat, N.; Setko, E.
69-70.pdf.jpg2017Information culture forming in students of higher teacher training educational establishmentKyrylenko, N.
18-19.pdf.jpg2018Injectors of factor groups of π-soluble groupsPetrova, T.
Dr. Behrensen B..pdf.jpg2014Inklusive BegabungsforderungBehrensen, B.
67-69.pdf.jpg2020Innovation in the field of IT-services and IT-products of BelarusSokolova, A.
239-241.pdf.jpg2018Innovation system and its role in stimulating socio-economic developmentLabachova, A.
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