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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
185-187.pdf.jpg2017Formation of manual skills in children with moderate intellectual disabilitiesShved, M.; Shavlyuga, A.
215-217.pdf.jpg2019Formation of readiness of future teachers for volunteer activityKovalenko, A.
304-307.pdf.jpg2020Formation of spatial-temporal representations in children with intellectual insufficiencyBodziu, M.
212-215.pdf.jpg2018Formation of students of art and creative skills in the conditions of the plenerSarakovskaya, N.
345-347.pdf.jpg2019Formation of the foundations of financial literacy in persons with intellectual disabilitiesAkutenok, J.
321-323.pdf.jpg2020Formation of the motivational and value component of students' readiness to volunteer activitiesKovalenko, A.
76-78.pdf.jpg2018Formation of the north-eastern administrative border of the BSSR in 1924Baranouski, A.
169-171.pdf.jpg2017Formation of touch standards at pupils of the second unit of auxiliary schoolKondrat’yeva, M.
263-266.pdf.jpg2018Forming inclusive readiness of parents as participants of the inclusive educational processMorozova, Y.
59-61.pdf.jpg2017Forms of interaction of teachers with pupil's parents in the modern schoolHurman, A.
276-278.pdf.jpg2019Game element drink label designZimnitskaya, A.; Bobrova, A.
GAS DISCHARGE PLASMA DISTURBANCE_усеченный.pdf.jpg2006Gas discharge plasma disturbance by electron extractioGruzdev, V. A.; Zalesski, V. G.; Antonovich, D. A.
327-329.pdf.jpg2019Gender aspects of the guiding principles on business and human rightsRebitskaya, K.
80-82.pdf.jpg2017General characteristic of the pedagogical model of the formation of future engineers' professional self-consciousnessKorsun, Y. O.
308-310.pdf.jpg2019General regulations of the weapons legislation of the Republic of BelarusDorozhko, I.
36-37.pdf.jpg2018Generative reproduction of male kisil in culture in northeast BelarusIvanova, D.
125-128.pdf.jpg2020Genre traditions of the post-apocalyptic novel based on the work of V. V. Martinovich “Night”Savitskaya, A.
N.L. Yakovenko.pdf.jpg2015Global challenge of the Russia-Ukraine conflictYakovenko, N. L.
154-155.pdf.jpg2017Graphic training of pupils in the system of additional educationSokolovskaya, K.
260-262.pdf.jpg2019"Green technologies" in the architectural-landscape organization of the environmentLobacheva, K.
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