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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
254-257.pdf.jpg2018Features of the level of attributions and direction of personality of schoolboys with intellectual insufficiencyGurskaya, V.
366-367.pdf.jpg2020Features of the method of conducting outdoor games with children of primary school ageJuanfu, Z.
316-319.pdf.jpg2019Fight against corruption in the EUMakarenko, N.
255-257.pdf.jpg2019Figurative forms in architectural bionicsKukharenko, K.
205-207.pdf.jpg2019Filling the information and communication subject environment of the discipline "History of music education"Gimro, R.
Finite_groups_with_prime_graphs_of_diameter_5.pdf.jpg2020-03Finite groups with prime graphs of diameter 5Gorshkov, I. B.; Kukharev, A. V.
10-11.pdf.jpg2018Fitting permutation classes of π-soluble groupsDoroshinsky, N.
182-184.pdf.jpg2018Foreign experience in design educationLopacheva, K.
312-314.pdf.jpg2020Formation of culture elements of fire-safe behavior in persons with intellectual disabilitiesDylebova, C.
302-304.pdf.jpg2020Formation of financial literacy basics in people with intellectual disabilitiesAkutenok, J.
393-395.pdf.jpg2019Formation of functional literacy in students of auxiliary schoolTkachenko, N.
257-259.pdf.jpg2019Formation of game complexes for children in public spacesLarionova, A.
433-434.pdf.jpg2019Formation of intercultural relations between students of the Republic of Belarus and other countriesRomanow, S.
185-187.pdf.jpg2017Formation of manual skills in children with moderate intellectual disabilitiesShved, M.; Shavlyuga, A.
215-217.pdf.jpg2019Formation of readiness of future teachers for volunteer activityKovalenko, A.
304-307.pdf.jpg2020Formation of spatial-temporal representations in children with intellectual insufficiencyBodziu, M.
212-215.pdf.jpg2018Formation of students of art and creative skills in the conditions of the plenerSarakovskaya, N.
345-347.pdf.jpg2019Formation of the foundations of financial literacy in persons with intellectual disabilitiesAkutenok, J.
321-323.pdf.jpg2020Formation of the motivational and value component of students' readiness to volunteer activitiesKovalenko, A.
76-78.pdf.jpg2018Formation of the north-eastern administrative border of the BSSR in 1924Baranouski, A.
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